MENA Fem Movement for Economical, Development and Ecological Justice

Joint civil society letter: Consultation process for the EIB Global strategy 24 November 2023

MenaFem and 16 other CSOs have signed an open letter calling on the Board of Directors to not approve the final EIB Global strategy due to a lack of public consultation.

Seventeen NGOs and civil society organisations, including MenaFemMovementfor Economic, Development and Ecological Justice, have written to the EIB President and Board of Directors to express deep concern over the lack of public consultation on the EIB Global strategy. The letter also requests that, due to the lack of consultation, that the Board of Directors “should not approve the final EIB Global strategy.”

In light of the EIB’s commitment to play a greater role as a development bank, we regret that no meaningful process was put in place to consult relevant stakeholders, especially those most vulnerable to the impacts of its development operations.