MENA Fem Movement for Economical, Development and Ecological Justice

Listen to : In the framework of International Women’s Day, Debt x Climate highlighted how this financial trap disproportionately affects women and children.

Debt is patriarchal violence. This does not affect everyone equally, but through its high interest rates, it is designed to extract value from historically oppressed bodies and territories, whether women, sexual dissidence, childhoods, racialized bodies, as well as our territories rich in diversity of life and resources.

That is why this circle of words wants to raise awareness in the feminist and climate movements about the connection between debt and women to generate synergies, strengthen our actions and demand fair measures that are anti-patriarchal.

With the participation of Luci Cavallero (Ni una Menos), Iolanda Fresnillo (Eurodad), Agnès Adélaïde Metougou (PFIAD, CADTM Afrique) and Shereen Talaat (MENA Fem Movement).