MENA Fem Movement for Economical, Development and Ecological Justice

MENAFem/Action Nexus launch of resources in Arabic

We’re thrilled to announce the successful launch of the MENAFem/Action Nexus webinar, where we introduced the Arabic translation of five invaluable resources.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us on February 21st for this enriching webinar. Your participation made the event truly special.

For those who couldn’t attend or want to relive the discussions, we’re delighted to share that the recording of the session is now available. Simply click the link

Recording here (password: 3*4D@gBn)  to access it.

You can download the translated documents from the links provided below:

    • A Blueprint for Feminist Economic Justice, authored by Diyana Yahaya ARABIC
    • A Brief on a Feminist Decolonial Global Green New Deal, authored by Bhumika Muchhala ARABIC
    • A Brief on Human Rights & the Private Sector, authored by Sanam Amin ARABIC

These resources are also available in French, Spanish, and English. Through the following link: